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Kanaan Prenzlauer Berg 

Kanaan is a Vegan-vegetarian restaurant that was established by Oz Ben David, an Israeli entrepreneur and marketing business man and Jalil Dabit, an Palestinian arab descendent of the Samir family that own the famous "Humos Samir“ in Israel and Palestine.

Kannan offers a variety of fresh salad, Hummus dishes with different toppings, Falafel from a unique family recipe, veggie-burger, veggie-döner and homemade baked goods.

The connection between the European and the Middle-Eastern, the traditional and the modern, the urban and the rural makes the Kanaan brand a distinctive marking point like no other in Berlin. A central location where, under one roof, you can experience all the intensity of the Israeli & Palestinian cuisine. A place where you can stock up on the best ingredinets for your home cooking or meet friends for a plate of hummus with some authentic Arabic coffee with kardoamom.

Kanaan employs refugees from the middle east and africa and is a safe-space for all genders. racism, homophobia and transphobia will not be tolerated here!



Kanaan Catering - for your party or event. 

If you're celebrating a happy occasion like a birthday or wedding or organising an office/company event - you can order Kanaan's delicious salads, hummus, special finger-food dishes and custom made desserts. 

We have experience in serving at all types of events and for various budgets - from small family/friends get-togethers or office parties to the 'Jerusalem' exhibition opening at the Jewish Museum in which we served our food to 900 guests or the annual Bertelsmann party. 

Please let us know the type of event, amount of guests, your budget and any wishes you have regarding the type of catering you require: finger food, buffet, full catering etc. For catering requests, please contact us at:


For reservations, please use our booking widget on the bottom right corner of the homepage. 

For catering requests, media requests and further questions you may contact us through the contact form.

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